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Changes at DTHS

David Thompson High School has now joined the group of high schools in Alberta moving forward with High School redesign. Alberta Education states that: “Redesigning high school focuses on research and 'next practice' thinking - where schools have implemented strategies and approaches aimed at transforming the high school experience for students and teachers through changes to school structure, culture, pedagogy or leadership.” With this in mind DT has made some changes to the student schedule/timetable, and is only further nurturing the best practices that teachers have already been offering at our High School. Teachers at DT are continuing to work hard to provide students with many opportunities and to provide flexibility in how and where our students learn. Furthermore, to support student needs within the schedule, students have been assigned to a Teacher Advisory (TA) group; in this group students will be more closely supported by a staff member and will build a strong connection with the staff member and students in the TA group. This time will also be utilized to convey important information to students, and to complete school activities that in years past we would have borrowed from academic class time. We have also incorporated a class called “Tutorial” that all high school students will be expected to attend. This block of time has been set aside because we have reduced our class times from 88 minutes to 66 minutes, and the tutorial time will be used for students to complete homework; choose to get specific help with subjects that they need more assistance in; enrich their learning by pursuing topics/subjects they are passionate about; and to have time embedded into the day to read. Students will be expected to go to their TA to check in during those blocks and are expected to utilize this time to be independent learners.      

 If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact the school administration: (403) 729-3930

High School Redesign

Ministerial Order on Student Learning

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