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Important Announcements

DTHS would like to welcome our Vice-Principal Mrs. Glass back from her leave.  We are very excited to have her back in our school.  She will be teaching Math 8, 9 and Health & Leadership 8.

We would like to thank Ms. Caron for the excellent job she did as acting Vice-Principal.  Thank you Ms. Caron for your time and dedication in this role! 

We would also like to welcome Mr. J. Moore onto the staff at DTHS for the rest of the year.  Mr. Moore will continue teaching Science 9 and will now become the Science 8 teacher for the remainder of the year. 

DTHS is very happy to announce that the Grade 8 class of 37 students will be split into two classes for the remainder of the year.  The Grade 8 classes will be divided on Friday, October 14.  We are hoping this transition will go as smoothly as possible and will not be disruptive to student learning.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the school and talk to Mr. Trieber, Mrs. Glass, or Ms. Caron.  Below is a listing of the teachers for Grade 8:

Mrs. Morrish - Language Arts 8, Computers 8

Ms. Caron - Social Studies 8, Foods 8 

Mrs. Glass - Math 8, Health & Leadership 8

Mr. J. Moore - Science 8, Film Studies 8 

Mr. Trieber - PE 8 

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